Best LiteSpeed Web Hosting

Increasing web-hosting profits in today’s demanding Internet market is easier than ever, thanks to innovative technologies like LiteSpeed powered servers. LiteSpeed Technologies, Inc. has developed a flagship product the LiteSpeed Web Server, a powerful technology that is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity. The Web Servers offers state-of-the-art programming infrastructures, high performance, incredible speed, advanced security and enhanced reliability. One of the primary reasons this technology is in high demand is that it is the only optimized, full-featured, “drop-in server replacement” that can completely replace Apache without losing control panels or compromising security. Its seamless replacement ability allows easy access to the same features provided by Apache, including account suspend/resume and bandwidth limit enforcement work.

best trusted litespeed web hostingAdditionally, it is the first software company to build CloudLinux’s Lightweight Virtual Environment™ or LVE technology into their software, and it’s the only advanced software server technology able to smoothly integrate with third-party control panels. With innovative built-in software features like fully integrated CloudLinux LVE technology, seamless integration with Apache, and third-party hosting control panels, these servers are the highest performing web hosting technologies available today.

A proper web hosting guide will give you all the necessary details that can help in picking the right service provider, one that provides you with sound technical support so that your business website does not suffer the brunt of technological idiosyncrasies. Your customers expect your website to be up 24 x 7 and you shouldn’t disappoint them with an unreliable web host.

Choosing recommended LiteSpeed web hosting services based on what other businesses have chosen is not always a very sound idea. This is primary because organizations widely differ in their purpose of existence. What is beneficial to one company need not necessarily be beneficial for the other. And the website strategy of one company may not match yours. Hence, you need to understand that the requirements of a particular company have to be analyzed and identified properly before choosing a web hosting service. You need to develop some knowledge about the various advantages and disadvantages of different web hosting services. This, in turn, can help you determine what company’s service would be a good for you.

People generally find it tough to balance between the two constraints one normally faces in choosing a web host – reliability and cost feasibility. Hosting a cheap and reliable website is not such an easy job. However, thanks to the advancements in technology, it has become possible to build an affordable website with just enough reliability, as long as you are aware there will always be some trade-off. Take into account the basic factors like availability and version of mySQL, PHP, ASP, NET and such systems when you make your choice. These scripting languages help you to add dynamic pages to your website very easily. And be aware that some hosting companies use LiteSpeed instead of Apache on their servers. LiteSpeed will result in a marked improvement in load times for PHP and HTML sites (But particularly PHP). I do recommend it, with the caveat that it may be incompatible with some of your software and scripts – particularly shopping carts and other e-commerce features. Do your research first.

Before making your decision, make sure you read a lot of reviews on forums and scattered throughout the web. Expert reviews will shed light on the benefits and problems associated with all types of web hosting services. These guides will also give you tips to on how to choose the right solution at a cost appropriate to you. And forums can be a valuable source of information. Although disgruntled customers are generally louder than happy ones, they can raise issues that it would be in your favor to follow up on with the host in question. After all, choosing the right web hosting is key.

It is a good idea to choose the best LiteSpeed web hosting provider on a month to month basis, at least whilst you are establishing whether they live up to their promise. Even though most hosting companies will refund your money on a pro rata basis for long-term contracts, it is much easier just to go month to month at first. Also, try and find a hosting company who can meet your requirements when your business expands.